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We’re always tinkering in the recipe room, looking for new ways to combine natural ingredients to create yet more exciting gin ranges. Find our latest collections, soon to hit the production lines, here.
Of course, we don’t just make gin, we’re using our knowledge of distillation to introduce further ranges of spirits, like our Suffolk Vodka . We’re also looking to release our own range of premium tonic waters, perfectly paired with the clean taste of our Suffolk Dry Gins.
Apple and Elderflower Suffolk Dry Gin

Apple and Elderflower Suffolk Dry Gin

Our autumn release limited edition will combine freshly picked Suffolk apples and the delicate flavour of local elderflower for a fruity and refreshing gin.

Tonic Water - Suffolk Distillery

Morris Men tonic waters

We’re working on a range of tonic waters to complement our gins. With inspiration from the vitality and energy of the Morris dance, these mixers are set to shake up your cocktails.